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Vanilla Components

All notable changes to @flavorly/vanilla-components will be documented in this section

0.7.64 & 0.7.65

  • Tags Input: Allow Disallow custom inputs


  • General: Added missing @focus, @focusout, @blur, @click events


  • Textarea: Fix Wait for mount to determine the size


  • Input: Placeholder empty as default
  • Phone Number: Removed libphonenumber-js dependency


  • Datatables: Expose all methods

0.7.55 & 0.7.56

  • Rich Radio: Allow unselect options on clicking again
  • Text Area: Fixed auto-size and added option for max-size in height


  • Rich Radio Option: Added, success, purple & orange variants
  • Form Group: Label Leading classes by default to avoid breaking lines to early


  • Datatables: Pass the link to fetch the data while refreshing
  • Dropdown: new popper modifier

0.7.51 & 0.7.52

  • Tags Input: New Component Added

0.7.48 & 0.7.49

  • Checkbox & Checkbox group: Unique Ids for Nested Checkboxes
  • Toggle & Toggle group: Unique Ids for Nested Toggles


  • Checkbox & Checkbox group: Added disabled state
  • Toggle & Toggle group: Added disabled state
  • Textarea: Added disabled state
  • Rich Select: Added disabled state
  • Date Input: Added disabled state
  • Select Input: Added disabled state
  • Dropdown & Dropdown Menu: Added disabled state
  • Button : Fixed Disabled State vs Valid State
  • Core: Error Variant Fallback
  • Docs: Added examples for Disabled State


  • Textarea: Fix rows prop
  • CheckboxGroup: Fix disabled state
  • RichRadio: Fix disabled state



  • DropdownOption: Ability to pass components in as prop
  • DropdownMenu: Added open state to trigger slot


  • Button: Ability to pass components in as prop
  • Slideover: Added extraLarge size


  • Checkbox: Added High Contrast Support for Checkbox Group


  • Checkbox Group: Fixed issue with variants
  • Global: Fixed issue with errors state


  • Alert: Added ability to add raw icons/emojis
  • Input: Fixed issue with Leading text on tailwind
  • Better Input Group formatting
  • Button : Can now be fully rounded, or rounded on one side only
  • General: Switching Borders to Rings
  • Checkbox Group: Added Options to navigate with keyboard
  • Textarea: Added resize prop to allow for resizing the textarea automatically
  • Variants: Ability to use a custom error variant


  • Dialog : Removed bodyClasses prop, please use classes: { body: '...' } instead
  • Dialog : Removed bodyDivided & bodyDarker props, please use classes: { body: 'divide-y divide-gray-200 dark:divide-gray-700 dark:bg-gray-800 bg-gray-50' } instead
  • Dialog : paddingOnModal was renamed to padding and now defaults to false
  • Dialog: bodyWithPadding was renamed to bodyPadding and now defaults to true
  • Dialog: added position prop to allow positioning the dialog on the screen on : top, bottom, left, right, center
  • Dialog: Added more classes for better customization and granular control
  • Dialog: Refactor on how the paddings are set, this should be smart enough to understand when it needs to give padding on top/bottom depending on the content / header and footer slots
  • Rich Select: Fixed issue that was not able to be focused when clicking a label with a for attribute
  • Rich Select: Fixed issue that would let re-focus on leave when toggleOnFocus is set
  • Button: Changed default text size on Mobile to text-sm


  • Datetime : Removed & Deprecated @flavorly/v-calendar dependency, please use v-calendar@next instead tagged 3.0.0
  • Datetime : Added v-calendar@next as a peer dependency
  • Targets: Added esnext & node 16 as a target, supporting async component loading
  • Dropdown: fixed issues with border radius
  • Phone Input: Removed libphonenumber-js dependency in favor of awesome-phonenumber
  • Bundling: Added deps to bundling, and left only @headlessui/vue & @popperjs/core as a peer dependency
  • Country Input: Lazy Load Flag Icons
  • Flag: Moved to Async Component


  • Feature: Introduced Options API for all components, allowing for more flexibility and customization of behavior
  • Breaking Change: All components by default will not trigger back to regular variant after an error, please use the options API to enable this behavior
  • Avatar : Added size class to allow for customizing the size of the avatar without breaking the other styles
  • Alert: Improved styling
  • Card: Fixed issue with bodyDarker prop that allowed content to overflow
  • Dropdown: Swaped from border to Ring & added small size, also fixed teleport issues & transition effects
  • General : Main element ref is now available on all components as root
  • Input: Defaults to type "text" if no type is provided
  • InputGroup: Prefers gap over space between elements, avoiding empty nodes to create space in DOM & Fixed Types
  • Phone Input: Fixed issue that would not allow initial indicative to be set on first render
  • Rich Select: Fixed issue that would still allow to clear the input while clearable was set to false
  • Slideover: Fixed issue with overflow on body, now its set to auto, to avoid scrollbars when they are not needed


  • Input: Fixed issues with border


  • Core : Added $reset modified to classes and fixedClassesgiving the ability to reset all generated classes BEFORE the modified ( Inspired by Formkit )
  • Input: Added more padding to the input element
  • Phone Input: Fixed Classes for addon with phone indicative


  • Inputs & Select : Issues with focus-within & focus outline element when it was triggered by keyboard event
  • Docs: Added more variants to select & input component


  • Icons : Removing all icons from the package
  • Deps: Removing @heroicons/vue dependency


  • Alert Component : closeAfter prop renamed to timeout
  • Alert Component : Icon is no longer auto-generated based on variant, you must provide it yourself as a key success,error, warning, info
  • Alert Component : Transitions added for better DX
  • Alert Component : Re-worked on close event to be more consistent and cleanup
  • Alert Component : Added icon slot to override icon
  • Alert Component : Added 4 new variants: muted, error-muted, warning-muted, info-muted, success-muted
  • Rich Select: Fixed styling issue with focus-within on input element when it was triggered by keyboard event
  • Rich Select: Fixed styling issue with error variant
  • Input: Fixed a little issue on error variant that was giving +1px jumps on focus
  • Transitionable: Added proper duration & props forwarding
  • Variants names should be now camelCase, users are able to use any casing they want, but the variants will be converted to snakeCase before being applied


  • Tailwind : Switched Borders with Rings where it makes sense to do so
  • Docs: Adjusted documentation theming for better dark mode constrast


  • Tailwind : Switched Borders with Rings where it makes sense to do so
  • Docs: Adjusted documentation theming for better dark mode constrast



  • General: Moved compiler to Unbuild for better performance on inertia & hybridly packages
  • Docs: Refactor to documentation theme
  • General: Optimized build workflow
  • General: Optimized tsconfig and package.json deps
  • General: Optimized pnpm workflow/workspaces
  • Exporting Presets for Tailwind for both docs & dist folders
  • Docs: Improved documentation
  • Added: defineConfiguration & mergeConfiguration export, to allow for customizing the components while keeping the defaults / deep merge


  • General: Removed Axios Dependency in favor of native Fetch
  • Rich Select: Added support for pulling options from an API endpoint
  • Rich Select: Added support for pre-fetching while using API Endpoint
  • Rich Select: Emit optionSelected event when value changes with the full option(s) object
  • Datatables: Rich select filters now supports multiple values
  • Datatables: Rich select filters now supports pre-fetching while using API Endpoint
  • Datatables: Refactor to how filters are cleaned up, supporting arrays as values for filters
  • General : Bugfixes


  • Nothing


  • Added Inertia & Hybridly support for Datatables actions
  • Docs: Removed own Kishi implementation
  • Created 2 Packages for Inertia & Hybridly Integration
  • Published @flavorly/vanilla-components-inertia
  • Published @flavorly/vanilla-components-hybridly

Laravel Vanilla Components


  • Added Rich Select prefetch & endpoint support to match the new feature on the frontend
  • Added helper method to return formatted results for Rich Select
  • Added support for multiple valeus for Rich Select


  • Added Inertia & Hybridly support for Datatables actions
  • Support for overriding Datatables Query, Filters & Search methods
  • Refactor on how the query buildere workings for Datatables

Released under the MIT License.